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Team: Making A Positive Impact on This World and Off-World

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Deuter DaYo
Co-Founder -  Physicist interested in fusion energy and climate solutions.
Moved on  from the DAO in January 2022 to pursue other Moon Shots. We wish him all the best and hope that he returns one day to actively support the DAO if he is able.
See our White Paper for a fuller list of strategic partners and DAO supporters.  We accept membership applications on a rolling basis. Contact us here, LinkedIn or on Discord.

Co-Founder; DAO Core 

Founded FrontierDAO in 2021. Also founded IoT Logistics, LLC an emerging technology integration company in 2018. Her focus is incubating scientific breakthroughs and commercializing them; also  adapting scientific inquiry and space exploration to the metaverse, Solution architecting is her main skill. Art and creativity are her lifeblood -  She is dedicated to working towards inclusivity in space exploration/ engineering / scientific research and innovation, underscoring the firm belief, often heard from NASA,  that 'Great Ideas come from everywhere.'
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