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Dare to do ExtraOrdinary Things!

FrontierDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization created to support scientific and engineering research and innovation through public good funding. One of the  ways we do this is by minting, collecting and facilitating the selling of IP as digital assets. This can be scientific research and engineering breakthroughs published as digital assets and then minted as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by the author and IP Holder. These are created by and for the aerospace, engineering, science, academic and research communities.  See our FrontierRegistry explainer for details.

We also explore the alchemy between art and science as a means to facilitate scientific innovation, engineering and space exploration for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Breakthrough scientific research is often owned by just a handful of people at the top of a company. Think Ford Motors.  Oil companies. Electric companies.

SOLUTION: As a co-operative, FrontierDAO aims to recognize promising research and innovation in the scientific and engineering fields of space exploration, fusion energy research and climate change in its earliest stages. We then aim to collectively decide on which verticals to catalyze through seed funding through our grants. DAO members have the right to vote on these proposals and funds allocation. 

Membership in the DAO is open to anyone. Governance is achieved by memberhip + DAO reputation weighted voting.

FrontierDAO will collectively hold legal rights to these research projects, shared of course with the original IP owner (scientist, engineer, researcher, academic, creator) and will hold IP Assets in the form of NFTs and tokens. It's the Web3 version of having an equity stake in promising scientific innovation.
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Our community of Frontier DAOists includes  professionals & enthusiasts  - that means citizen scientists as well as advocates and champions. Artists, engineers, creators, collectors, & science/ engineering/space enthusiasts contact us for more information. If you are both, great! Contact us to inquire about collaboration(s). Proceeds are equitably shared with the DAO %age going towards The DAO Treasury and used for funding scientific / engineering/ research and space exploration projects proposed and decided upon by the community. A small %age goes to the running of the DAO, operations, events & maintenance. Collectors of the NFTs and Member token holders get a vote in the DAO determining what projects are funded by the DAO Treasury.
A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a group of people organized around a mission that coordinates through a shared set of rules called smart contracts  autonomously run and automatically enforced on a blockchain.

Potential DAO Treasury distributions

  • Scientific research & innovation grants: Ex. fusion energy, climate solutions, space technologies

  • #STEM Workforce & Inclusion 

  • Outer Space Virtual Museum

  • Space/science related entrepreneurial business grants

  • Donation to charitable cause(s)

  • Space tourist flight random draw for NFT holders

  • FrontierDAO physical &/or virtual conference(s)




  FAQs:  How do I pay for an NFT                                                  (the Moon Pay way)?                                                   How  do I buy ETH/crypto?

            How do I set up my Metamask or

            other Web3 wallet to purchase and

            securely store my NFTs?  How do I                                  mint or buy an NFT with my credit card?


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