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FAQs & Projects

Mission Statement 

Why:   Science Frontierism - Push the Frontiers of Science to solve climate change and promote human exploration and habitation throughout the universe.

How:  Fund education, innovators, artists, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and ground-breaking scientific research and commercial ventures in fusion energy, fusion space propulsion, climate solutions and space exploration. Practice and promote Open Science.

What:  Build community of Frontierists through memberships and community events and engagement. Raise funds for STEM R&D and FrontierDAO by selling NFTs and raising direct funding through the issuance of $FUZN, a social token used for DAO governance. Transition FrontierDAO products into the Metaverse to reach more Frontierists and show the wonders of the universe while continuing to solve humankind’s most challenging problems.

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🔴🟡🟢🔵 8-Week Educational Cohort 🔴🟢🔵🟡

To help people navigate the use of digital assets, DAOs, blockchain tooling, clean energy technologies like fusion energy, Open Science, DeSci & funding public goods using mechanisms such as quadratic funding.

*Intended community are people looking to transition from web 2.0 to Web3 &/or interested in exploring these digital tools in a safe, supportive environment.

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Click HERE or on the image above to see the full pitch deck for our science, engineering & academia publishing platform, currently in Alpha: FrontierRegistry 

Open Science / Science Ouverte Resource Kit

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Helping to make Space Accessible To All!
& Space Travel Desirable to More! 

 Outer Space Virtual Museum - Now Open! Come Visit! 

What is the Outer Space Virtual Museum? 

The Outer Space Virtual Museum is a place for everyone to enjoy and learn about outer space exploration - educators, students, enthusiasts, the just curious and/or the space and science professionals.  All images used in the Outer Space Virtual Museum are used with permission from NASA. No NFTs are used in the museum.  Be sure to visit the event space - the Space Dome - accessed via a portal jump in the museum, for meetups and gatherings. (*this work does not imply an endorsement from NASA).


What is a NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token.  Any digital asset can be minted on the blockchain and authenticated as a NFT.  Even Intellectual Property, hence "IP NFTs." Digital assets are images, video, audio, scientific breakthroughs, equations, 3D art and more. NFTs are collectibles, creative/art works and intellectual IP. Once a NFT is minted, the original cannot be duplicated. Like the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre, there is only one original, even though the image likeness has been duplicated countless times and is known the world over.  Multiple iterations of one image or one digital asset can be minted, much like artist signed lithographic prints of a famous piece of art. 

Visit our  Outer Space Virtual Museum built on Arium in the metaverse. Proceeds from the Platinum and Astronaut Photography Collections on go towards the maintenance, operations and building of this magnificent virtual museum that brings space travel to all of us. > READ MORE 

Rocket Launch

I'm ready to become a member of the DAO. What next?

Great! Congratulations on your decision to become a part of the blossoming #DeSci movement and ecosystem with us here at FrontierDAO.


To be a member of FrontierDAO with governance privileges, start by joining as a Member, an Advocate, a Steward &/or a Contributor.  Please consult our About Page for more details. Membership can be ahieved through purchase of a NFT from particular collections we own or through an application and processing fee for Membership.  Our entire collections are on OpenSea. Just click the button in the menu 'Opensea.'


To begin your NFT and digital art/collectibles collection, the first thing to do is to open a Metamask or other trusted wallet account. You can do this on your desktop or smart phone. It only takes a few minutes and is no more complicated than opening a Paypal account. We've included a link to a video tutorial on our About Page. 


Next you will need to fund it with USDC, DAI (or other stable coin) orsome Ether (ETH) or MATIC (the Polygon chain token).  If you don't yet have a cryptocurrency wallet, click HERE for a quick tutorial. 

If this is all too complicated, contact us about how to purchase one of our NFTs with a secure credit card payment. Or click here on DoinGUD where it's made seamless for you and where a %age of your purchase goes towards helping the planet. 

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