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We're a collective with a mission to fund research and innovation in science, fusion energy, and space exploration. Our core mission is to democratize scientific research and to spread the potential wealth accrued from  commercialization of promising technologies among DAO community members. 

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How To Get Involved

1.  Collect our NFTs.  NFT holders qualify for DAO membership with voting/governance privileges. Collect or earn our social token. 

2. Connect with us on Discord  or LinkedIn. If time/talent/skill is your primary asset to contribute, talk to us about how the DAO can best use your contributions (all skill sets welcomed).

3. Display your NFT in our Outer Space Virtual Museum

4. Have a research project in mind? Join the DAO and submit a proposal for funding.  The member community votes and decides collectively.

5.  Help fund innovators and further scientific research by voting on the distribution of DAO Treasury proceeds.

6. Are you a creator/artist? Reach out to us about your  work. We'd love to explore collaboration with you by minting your creative digital asset as an NFT for you.

7.  Make a positive impact on the world.

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FrontierDAO is a co-operative collective whose core mission is scientific research and innovation. Community members have a voice and exercise governance.  We're not top-down but rather community led. Our DAO is governed by computer code, called 'smart contracts' or 'protocols'. We're a mission focused collective in which every voice matters, every voice counts. Anyone can apply           to join.