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Science Museum Space Exploration

We're a collective with a mission to fund research and innovation in science, fusion energy, engineering and space exploration. Our core values are to democratize scientific research and  spread the potential wealth accrued from  commercialization of promising technologies among our community members in a  broad, inclusive manner. 

Unlocking scientific innovation and research through IP NFTs, decentralized coordination and the ownership economy.  The DAO  co-operatively supports and pursues scientific exploration on    

Earth & throughout the universe.


Level 1 = 100 $FUZN + 900 $FUZN Earned/Accrued

Level 2 = 200 $FUZN + 800 $FUZN Earned/Accrued


Discord Access

Access to the member discord. We are organized by Guilds which are devoted to DAO  focus areas. So if fusion Energy is your thing, jump into that guild for robust discussions and community. If space exploration is more your area of interest/ expertise, that is the guild for you. You'll find like-minded members,  innovators and leaders in each Guild. 

Status Updates

Updates on our #DeSci projects; The opportunity to get involved when needed/ wanted. 

AMAs w/ our brain trust. 

Frequent Ask-Me-Anything or various Q&A events with  leaders in the community and the wider science/engineering diaspora.

Events & Merch

Preferred  access and discounted rates on community events, merchandise, and other perks


One member, One Vote. 

Developing Countries/ Financial Hardship >> Work Contribution Exchange 

If you are from a developing country, unemployed or otherwise experiencing financial hardship, we can offer a reduced rate for the Basic Membership. It's a combination of membership dues and work-exchange. For work exchange we ask that you contribute for 3 months minimum Part-Time (about 120 Hours). In addition you will be expected to maintain your status by ongoing 'reputation' management, contributions to the community and participation.

W/ fully earned/paid membership you are issued a NFT token that allows you to vote in DAO governance. This NFT is re-issued annually upon membership renewal and good standing.


5000 $FUZN


All Member Perks  +

Advocates in FrontierDAO have the ability to contribute to the direction and voice of this community.


Benefits include:

 Leadership Access

Advocates will be invited to monthly virtual (and occasional IRL) meetings with special guests, partner organizations, and thought leaders in our verticals to stay informed on breakthroughs and trending developments in our focus areas of fusion, space, blockchain, AI and climate. 

VIP Event Access

Advocate-level members will have free access to exclusive in-person and virtual events FrontierDAO  hosts.

Mentorship:  You may opt-in to our mentoring program. Mentorships are for early career researchers, entrepreneurs, startups.


All Advocates will receive exclusive merch periodially and when co-ordinated with our partner orgnaizations. Mailing address may be required. Additionally  future AirDrops randomly announced. 

Website Recognition

Advocates can opt to have their names (or aliases) on FrontierDAO website as Steering Members.

 In addition you will be expected to maintain your status by ongoing 'reputation' management  via  contributions to the community and participation.

W/ fully earned/paid membership you are issued a NFT token that allows you to vote in DAO governance. This NFT is re-issued annually upon membership renewal and good standing.


100K $FUZN


All Member & Advocate Perks  +


These are core steward members of FrontierDAO, joining an exclusive group of invite-only thought leaders and champions of #OpenScience looking to put major resources to work for the public good. The goal is to catalyze and  commercialize high-impact scientific and engineering innovations to create a clean energy world here on Earth and off-world.


Click below to request a membership / consultation.


Benefits include:

One-on-one access to FrontierDAO Core Team. Meaningful input anc co-creation of FrontierDAO and its ecosystem.

Stewards will become part of a group of exclusive leaders in the Open Science  space, interacting directly with changemakers in the DAO ecosystem, scientific & engineering,  and partnership communities. 

VIP Privileged Access Group Meetings

Exclusive thought leader group meetings with science, engineering, blockchain, policy and Open Science visionaries, to get involved in shaping advocacy efforts to transform to open science and cultivate the economic opportunities that commercialization of promising  technologies bring. 

Exclusive Network

Join a network of an exclusive group of influencers and thought leaders in the science,  space, fusion energy and engineering industries with an aligned mission of building a clean, super abundant  energy future with a massive  potential upside for all Members and humanity at large.

Limited Number of memberships available.

Expenditure: 70% to accelerating/funding of promising science, engineering, climate and emerging technology startups i.e. 'public goods.' 20% to DAO Operations, Community Engagement, Ecosystem Development & Education and Marketing.

10% to DevOps including cybersecurity maintenance.

*We accept USDC, ETH, DAI for $FUZN staking for memberships. Contact us!

What's Expected of You As A Member:  A high-level of participation in the community and governance to help steer FrontierDAO's community engagement , project focus and fiscal allocation is desired. 

To fully qualify for governance rights, you must be a member in good standing and a holder of a FrontierDAO SBT.

The genesis SBT collection, FUZN Punks, can be found here.

Violet Stars

How To Get Involved

1. Please see membership tiers above and here.  Also, get involved by contributing your skills & talents: Connect with us on Discord  or LinkedIn. If time/talent/skills are your primary assets to contribute, tell us how the DAO can best use your contributions (most skill sets welcomed). Find the Introduce Yourself doc in our Discord welcome channel. It's a short application to apply as a DAO contributor. Or introduce yourself on our LinkedIN Showcase page. We're an inclusive bunch and we love welcoming new friends w/ aligned values.  You can also fill out this short form (2 minutes) HERE.

2. Are you a company, entrepreneur &/or in STEM research or other sciences? 

Join the DAO as a member.  Click the appropriate box above or see paragraph above about joining as a contributor. We'd love to explore how we can collaborate with you! 


DAO members qualify for DAO benefits and perks.

3. Have a research project in mind? Join the DAO and submit a proposal for funding.  The member community votes and decides collectively.

4.  Collect our NFTs.  NFT holders qualify for DAO membership with voting/governance privileges. It also helps to endow our virtual museum. Collect or earn our social token (coming).  See our We Philosophy on our About Page to understand how our NFTs help the sharing economy and promote the Ownership Economy.

5. Visit our Outer Space Virtual Museum  and Events Space.  Join the Museum Guild on our Discord channel to propose exhibits and host events.

6.  Help fund innovators and further scientific research and engineering innovation by voting on the distribution of DAO Treasury proceeds when you become a member.

7. Are you a creator/artist? Reach out to us about your  work. We'd love to explore collaboration with you and help walk you through how to transform your work into non-fungible digital assets (NFTs). Artists are entitled to sales and royalties. We can do the smart contracts for you, or help you do them yourself and use us simply as a gallery and art collector community liaison.

8. Make a positive impact on the world.


                Be a part of #OpenScience #DeSci #SocialImpact #PublicGoods 

Blue Bubbles
Music Concert

FrontierDAO is a co-operative collective of scientists, engineers

and science advocates whose core mission is scientific research and innovation. Community members have a voice and exercise governance.  We're not

top-down but rather community

led. Our DAO is governed by 'smart contracts'. We're a mission focused collective in which every voice matters, every voice counts.

Anyone can apply to join. 

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